OREANDA-NEWSChinese departments are considering adding the US logistics company FedEx to the sanctions list of unreliable organizations. This was announced on Thursday by the official representative of the Ministry of Commerce of China Gao Feng.

“The competent authorities of our country are conducting an investigation to resolve this issue. At the current stage, work is underway on a list of unreliable enterprises”, he said at a briefing. “We will solve this problem on a legislative basis, taking into account existing rules”. According to the representative, the fate of FedEx will soon be determined - after "all facts regarding violations have been weighed, both for and against".

On June 14, Chinese authorities sent FedEx a notice of the start of an investigation into the violation of the delivery of parcels to the Chinese company Huawei. Earlier, the corporation, which fell under US sanctions, accused the American carrier of unreasonably redirecting two parcels to the United States, which had to be transported from Japan to Huawei's offices in Guangzhou and Shanghai.

FedEx has already apologized for shipping to the wrong address for Huawei shipments. As noted in a statement posted on Sina Weibo's Chinese microblogging site, the company "apologizes for the problems in transporting a small number of packages". It also says that what happened was due to an operational error and was in no way connected with the influence of “external forces”.

In July, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said that evidence was found confirming the illegality of FedEx. The diplomat emphasized that the company will be held responsible for this and the severity of measures against it will depend on the results of the investigation of the competent state bodies of China.