OREANDA-NEWS. The Chinese Mars exploration probe «Tianwen-1» has successfully entered the planet's orbit. This is reported by CGTN.

The launch of the «Changzheng-5» carrier rocket from «Tianwen-1» was carried out on July 23, 2020 at approximately 07:45 (Moscow time). The station is expected to reach the Red Planet on February 11, 2021. After a two-month detailed survey, a landing platform with a light 240-kilogram rover will separate from the orbiter and land on the surface near the southern part of the Utopia plain in the eastern part of the northern hemisphere of Mars.

The mission involves the exit and rotation of the spacecraft in the orbit of Mars, landing and moving on the surface of the planet. This should allow scientists to research the atmosphere, topography, geological characteristics, and magnetic field features, and, as a result, get closer to solving the mystery of the origin and evolution of both the Red Planet and the entire Solar System.

Earlier it was reported, that the development of the Russian superheavy rocket «Yenisei», which was created for the lunar program, was suspended.