OREANDA-NEWSThe Ramensk Instrument-Making Design Bureau begins mass production of complexes of avionics for training aircraft Diamond DA-42T. This was reported on Wednesday in the press service of the "Union of Russian Engineering". "The on-board development complex of the RPKB was created to replace the previously used Garmin complex", the report says.

According to the press service, the UKBO-42 complex manufactured by Ramensk Instrument-Making Design Bureau successfully passed state tests as part of the DA-42T aircraft. In October, on the basis of the Ural Civil Aviation Plant in Yekaterinburg, a decision was approved on assigning to the training aircraft the initial preparation of the DA-42T letter "O1" and the beginning of its mass production.

Thus, the Design Bureau solved the problem of replacing the Garmin G-1000 complex, which is the base for the DA-42T, one of the most massive electronic avionics systems in the world. DA-42T is a light twin-engine four-seater aircraft developed by the Austrian company Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH. Aircraft of this type will be mass-produced with the Russian avionics complex in Yekaterinburg.