OREANDA-NEWS. The cost of summer and winter diesel fuel in Russia has broken a record. This is evidenced by the data of the St. Petersburg Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange.

The price for summer fuel increased by 0.38 percent and reached 52.67 thousand rubles per ton. The cost of a winter diesel engine increased by 0.8 percent and amounted to 59.44 thousand rubles per ton. Off-season fuel rose in price by 0.49 percent, to 53.89 thousand rubles. Aviation kerosene also rose in price by 0.71 percent and reached a maximum of 58.25 thousand rubles. The cost of AI-92 gasoline amounted to 53.78 thousand rubles (plus 0.44 percent), AI-95 - 55.23 thousand rubles (plus 1.03 percent). Fuel oil fell 0.25 percent - its price dropped to 26.52 thousand rubles.

The cost of a summer diesel engine has already renewed the record the day before, on November 2. Then the maximum was 52.48 thousand rubles per ton. Earlier in October, the Ministry of Energy explained the rise in wholesale prices for off-season fuel by record cold weather. The department noted that drivers are switching to winter types of diesel engines earlier, which is why the oil depots began to sharply increase their purchases. The general upward trend in world prices for oil and oil products also has an effect.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak noted that the cost of gasoline is growing within inflation. He stressed that if prices for oil products increased in line with the dynamics of oil prices, then gasoline would be even more expensive for consumers. According to Novak, prices can be contained thanks to a damper mechanism, according to which the state compensates producers for part of the difference if export prices for fuel are higher than conditional domestic ones.