OREANDA-NEWS Government decree amended the rules of the road: there will no need to hang the identification mark "Ш" on the back window. Inspectors will no longer be able to fine drivers for the absence of such a sign.

New Rules of the Road also expands opportunities for users of the sign "disabled". Innovations will take effect seven days after the official publication of the document. The decision on this issue was made in the spring, but the development of the decision of the traffic police and officials took six months.

Mandatory for users of studded tires sign "Ш" was April 4, 2017 in connection with the new edition of the Rules, for violation since then applied a fine of 500 rubles. A year later, the chief of the traffic police Mikhail Chernikov called such a practice “nonsense” and promised to understand. The result was amendments to the traffic rules developed by the state traffic inspectorate and published in May 2018.  The norm "has long lost its relevance", explained in the interior Ministry, in addition, the sign blocks the view. Because traffic regulations approved by the decree of the government, the police couldn't as its an internal document to change the rules. It took more than six months for the state traffic inspectorate and officials to approve the document.

From a legal point of view, the following changes have taken place. Part 1 of article 12.5 of the administrative Code provides for a fine of 500 rubles for driving a car on which you can not drive in accordance with the "list of faults and conditions under which the operation of vehicles is prohibited." The list, which is part of the SDA, States that you can not drive a car without the identification marks listed in paragraph 8 of the "Basic provisions for the admission of vehicles to use". In these positions, in turn, it is said that the car with studded tires should be installed "Ш" on the rear window. The obligation to hang the signs "Deaf driver", "Dangerous goods", "Transportation of children" remains unchanged.

The new regulations come into force seven days after their official publication.