OREANDA-NEWS. Sanctions from the United States and European countries have caused the risk of limiting international cooperation in the work of the rocket and space corporation «Energia», according to the company's quarterly report. «There is a risk of restricting international cooperation in the implementation of a number of projects», the report says.

The corporation notes, that in order to «parry this factor, a search for alternative counterparties is being conducted, as well as measures for import substitution». «Energia» is a leading Russian rocket and space enterprise, the leading organization for manned space systems. It is working on the creation of automatic space and rocket systems (launch vehicles and interorbital transportation), high-tech systems for various purposes for use in non-space areas.

Earlier, a number of Russian space enterprises, including the Samara RCC «Progress» and the Central Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering, were included in the US sanctions lists. Getting on the list means, that now American companies will need to obtain special licenses to export, re-export or transfer products to those involved in the «black list».

The head of «Roscosmos», Dmitry Rogozin, called the sanctions against the space enterprises illegal. «These sanctions are harmful, because they will create additional obstacles and annoyances in such an important cooperation between Russians and Americans in space, in particular, on the ISS», Rogozin said on Facebook.