OREANDA-NEWS. The false alarms about fire and depressurization on the ISS were caused by the incorrect operation of the software of the crewed spaceship Crew Dragon by SpaceX Elon Musk, as follows from the negotiations of the astronauts with the Earth, broadcast by NASA.

On Wednesday, the station's crew reported a triggered fire alarm and depressurization, after which they checked the tightness of the ISS modules and made sure there was no air leak and fire. Ground experts began to investigate the cause of the false alarm.

Later, a RIA Novosti source in the rocket and space industry reported that the false signal came from the American segment of the station.

“Based on preliminary analysis, we see something in the software on the Crew Dragon,” a Houston Mission Control Center specialist told astronaut Shannon Walker.

He added that the depressurization alarm triggered on the Russian segment of the station was the result of an alarm on the American segment, and the signal about a fire in the Russian Zarya module was associated with incorrect operation of smoke detectors.

The Crew Dragon spacecraft brought the crew to the ISS in November 2020 and is expected to return to Earth in late April or early May.