OREANDA-NEWSFrom October 26, the national Estonian airline Nordica will stop operating independent flights due to losses and will only work as a subcontractor. This was announced on Wednesday by Estonian television channel chairman of the parliamentary commission on economics Sven Sester.

“On the one hand, it’s good that there are different airlines in the Estonian market, but the problem is that due to competition Nordica is currently operating at a loss. It was decided to close direct airlines and leave only a third-party business as a subcontractor, providing rent your planes to other companies", the deputy noted.

He recalled that the airline was created with the aim of connecting Estonia with direct airlines to cities in which the republic has a "strategic interest". According to Sister, it makes no sense to work in a loss-making business”, especially since when flying to various European cities, Estonians can choose from 13 airlines on the market. The MP clarified that there was no question of liquidating the company.

According to the airline, there are 19 aircraft in the Nordica fleet. She currently operates direct flights from Tallinn to cities such as Kiev, Odessa, Paris, Vienna, Munich, Brussels and others.