OREANDA-NEWSThe collapse of the Ukrainian Boeing, shot down by Iran’s air defense system near Tehran, resulted in many errors, including “in methodology and technology”, Steal Zaloga, a senior analyst with Teal Group research company, told the American media.

As previously stated by the commander of the Military Space Forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Amir-Ali Hajizade, the air defense system operator defined the aircraft as a cruise missile. According to him, the operator had to get approval before striking, but the connection was interrupted and he had only ten seconds to make a decision.

The American television channel, citing sources in American intelligence, wrote that the airliner was shot down by two ground-to-air missiles SA-15. According to Zaloga, the missiles have a homing system that is designed for use in war zones and can't independently distinguish an airliner from a cruise missile or fighter. Therefore, the expert said, the air defense system of countries using these shells should be able to track civilian aircraft. In these circumstances, operators must wait for permission from higher authorities to strike at facilities.

On board the Ukrainian plane were 176 people - citizens of Iran, Canada, Britain, Germany, Sweden, Afghanistan, Ukraine, they all died.