OREANDA-NEWSThe first shipment of a train from St. Petersburg with transit goods from Europe to Asia took place as part of Maersk's regular container service AE19, follows from its message. 

The train, including transit containers with sawn timber and chemical cargo from Scandinavia (37 TEU), left the terminal of JSC First Container Terminal (FCT, part of the Global Ports group, port of St. Petersburg) in the direction of the terminal of Vostochnaya Stevedornaya Kompaniya LLC (VSK, part of Global Ports, port Vostochny).

Upon arrival at the VSK terminal, containers will be loaded onto Maersk vessels for delivery to recipients in Korea and Japan. The total transit time of containers from the ports of Northern Europe to the ports of Korea and Japan will be 23-32 days. The next dispatch as part of the service from St. Petersburg to Vostochny port will take place on April 8, then it will be carried out on a two-week basis.

AE19 service was launched by Maersk in August 2019 with the assistance of Modul and Global Ports to organize the delivery of international transit goods between the ports of Vostochny and Saint Petersburg.