OREANDA-NEWS Eleven of the BMW fifth series, introduced in Bulgaria in 1994, miraculously turned into a collector's value.

As reported by the portal Autoclub with reference to the Bulgarian Facebook-community "Center for the struggle with rzdata", the other day in a warehouse in the city of Blagoevgrad were found ten sedans and one wagon BMW 5 Series in the back of E34, canned immediately after entering the warehouse 25 years ago.

All cars found in Blagoevgrad were produced in 1994. The vast majority of them are 520i modifications, but there are also slightly more powerful 525i variants. According to Bulgarian media, all 11 BMW purchased at the time for the first in Bulgaria car rental service, but for unknown reasons, none of the detected "five" as a result never left the garage. Chairs of most of the "fives" is still wrapped in factory plastic. The engines, suspension and transmission are in perfect condition. On the body parts of cars have small defects due to careless storage.

11" fives " BMW is planned to put up for auction. According to local media, the starting price for each rarity will be 15,000 euros. However, according to observers, after the purchase of such a car in Bulgaria may be difficult due to the high tax on vehicles with low environmental standards (most likely, found cars meet the eco-standard Euro3). In this regard, experts recommend to register such vehicles in Germany or other countries where there are tax breaks for rare vehicles.

Recall that the BMW 5 Series with a body index of the E34 was produced from 1988 to 1996 inclusive. In all there were 1 333 412 vehicles, of which 124 656 wagons. In may 1990, the production of 520i and 525i sedans with M50 engine (150 HP and 192 HP) began, in 1991 the production of all-wheel drive modification 525iX (192 HP) started.