OREANDA-NEWS Hundreds of broken trees, several small sunken ships, closed schools, interrupted ferry service – these are the results of the first autumn wave of bad weather that came to Greece on Monday.

Firefighters in the capital region of Attica received 355 calls per day because of the trees tumbled down by a strong wind, the Fire Service of Greece reported.

Dozens of trees are broken in Thessaloniki. A strong wind - up to 10 points on the Beaufort scale-made it difficult to extinguish fires in the Marathon in Attica, in Achaia and Arcadia in the Peloponnese. Firefighters more than 12 hours can not cope with the fire in the village of Zola on the island of Kefalonia.

In ports because of the high waves turned over and sank four small vessels, said the coast guard. In Thessaloniki sank two ships, one in the ports of Kalymnos and Eritrea on the island of Euboea. There were not people on ship, pollution is not fixed, reported by the coast guard.

A significant part of passenger ferries connecting the mainland with the Islands has been cancelled. Access to the sea of pleasure craft is prohibited.

In the three Cyclades, Tinos, Andros and Mykonos, schools are closed due to bad weather. School classes have also been cancelled on the island of Zakynthos. The civil protection service in Zakynthos advises the inhabitants of the island not to leave their homes.

The storm, called "Xenophon", in Attica led to a decrease in temperature from 30 degrees Celsius on Monday to 15-17 degrees on Tuesday, and to 13 on Thursday. On mount Olympus at a height of 2650 meters, the first snow fell, the cover of which reached 3-5 cm. According to the forecast of the national meteorological service, the weather will last until Tuesday.

Temperature on the mountain fell to minus 6 degrees. Snow also appeared on the slopes of the ski resort Karpenisi, located 294 km from Athens and 268 km from Thessaloniki, the temperature there is about zero.

 In Athens, a stormy wind tore off part of the roof of one of the schools, none of the students and teachers were injured. In the capital region of Attica firefighters performing in Greece and the role of rescuers, were called 55 times to clean the streets of fallen trees and other items.