OREANDA-NEWS From Wednesday comes into force the Central Bank of Russia on the expansion of the tariff corridor in Compulsory Insurance of Car Owners by 20% up and down - the range of rates of the base tariff for cars of individuals is now 2746-4942 rubles instead of the previously existing corridor 3432-4118 rubles.

Also on January 9, clarifies the separation of drivers for length of service and age 58 categories instead of the four that were before. For drivers of 16-21 years with experience of driving up to two years, the maximum coefficient increases to 1.87 from 1.8, and from 1.8 to 1.87 the coefficient for "multi - drive" policies increases (without limiting the number of drivers allowed to drive). There are discounts for seniority and age, the largest is 7% (the coefficient 0.93) is installed for drivers at the age from 59 years to seniority from six years. The previous system of Compulsory Insurance of Car Owners discounts for experience and age did not provide.

Earlier, the Central Bank estimated that the average price of the policy as a result of the introduction of new tariffs can grow by no more than 1.5%. According to the Russian Union of motor insurers (RSA), the growth of insurance fees will be about 5%.

In addition, according to the instruction, from April 1, 2019 will change the system of assigning the coefficient "bonus-Malus" (discount for accident-free driving and premium for the accident).

The range of base rates of Compulsory Insurance of Car Owners tariffs varies for other categories of car owners. For owners of motorcycles and scooters tariffs decreased by 10.9% and amount to 694-1047 rubles instead of 867-1579 rubles, for cars of legal entities-reduced by 5.7%, the rate is 2058-2911 rubles instead of the previously existing range of 2573-3087 rubles.

The tariff corridor for taxis is expanding in both directions and is 4110-7399 rubles instead of the previous 5138-6166 rubles.