OREANDA-NEWS. At various sites, they began to actively offer new devices - quite cheaply - that would supposedly hide the car from photo and video recording cameras.  According to the promises of dealers, it is enough to plug these devices into the cigarette lighter to make the car invisible to the cameras.  However, the use of such devices can bring the "happy" owner to a prison or hospital bed.

 Experts said that the acquisition of anti-radar can lead to loss of health, as well as freedom.  Currently, they actively began to sell devices of a new type, which supposedly make car numbers unavailable for cameras installed on the track.

 Under Russian law, the user of such devices will, at best, get off with an administrative fine of up to five thousand rubles - with the confiscation of the “jammer”, of course.  But if her work in a wide range accidentally interferes with the radio communication systems of the military or the special services, the Criminal Code can already be held liable with real terms of imprisonment.