OREANDA-NEWS The Indonesian authorities believe that the crashed airplane of the airline Lion Air collapsed from a strong impact on the surface of the Java Sea. This was stated on Monday in an interview with radio Elshinta Head of Committee on Transport Security of Soegianto Tagoona.

Boeing 737 Max 8 is budget airline Lion Air operated flight JT610 from Jakarta to the city of Pankalpinang (the administrative center of the province of Bangkok-Belitung). Approximately 13 minutes after departure from the capital airport for an unknown reason he collapsed into the Javanese Sea. Rescuers recognize that all 189 people on Board died. The investigation has not yet put forward any versions of what happened.

"Boeing 737 Max 8 fell apart from the impact on the water, no traces indicating the depressurization of the aircraft in flight, not found," - said the official. According to him,"the wear of the aircraft materials has not been established." The official added that "at the moment of contact with the water surface, the engines were working at full capacity, the speed of the liner was very high when falling." Therefore, it continued, "the radius of dispersion of fragments of the aircraft is very large."

Earlier, experts suggested that the speed of Boeing at the time of the crash could be about 1 thousand km/h.

On Sunday, the Head of the office for the prevention of accidents Committee to ensure transport safety Nurcahyo, Utomo said that the experts were able to successfully download from the flight recorder information about the last 19 flights of this airliner. Speaking about the last flight, he stressed that the recording begins with the Parking at the airport of Jakarta, takeoff, then the plane headed South-East, and the latest data came at 06:31 local time (02:31 GMT). Rescuers also continue to search for the voice recorder, but the difficulty lies in the fact that the box was buried in the sea soil, the thickness of which is not less than a meter.