OREANDA-NEWS. AlfaStrakhovanie company published a rating of frequently stolen cars for the period from January to June of the current year.  The list was compiled on the basis of appeals from customers insured under Casco.

 In the first half of the year, Hyundai, Kia and Toyota became the most stolen car brands in Russia.

 The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado SUV became the leader of the anti-rating, 0.78% of which were hijacked.  The second place was taken by his “older brother” Toyota Land Cruiser with the frequency of hijackings of 0.52%.  The third was the premium Lexus LX with a rate of 0.52%.

 According to auto insurers, high-priced cars, in particular Toyota and Lexus, are most often stolen to order, and the car with an average price is more likely to be used for parts.