OREANDA-NEWS. Ukrainian Boeing, which crashed on January 8 near the airport of Tehran, was shot down by two missiles at once. According to Bloomberg, the Iranian Civil Aviation Authority has come to this conclusion, which finds out the causes of the tragedy.

They indicated that in both cases it was about missiles that were fired by the Tor-M1 anti-aircraft missile system just a few minutes after the plane took off from Tehran's airport. According to experts, as a result of rockets hit, the liner literally tore to pieces and its wreckage fell over a fairly large area.

In Iran, they point out that due to the lack of necessary equipment, specialists in this country are unable to decrypt the data of the "black boxes", while France and the United States refused to help with the equipment. At the same time, earlier in Tehran, they denied information about their readiness to transfer flight recorders to the authorities of Ukraine.

The Boeing 737 of Ukraine’s International Airlines, flying from Tehran to Kiev, crashed on January 8. Initially, the Iranian authorities claimed that the disaster occurred for technical reasons, but a few days later the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps admitted that the plane was mistakenly shot down by air defense forces. It's alleged that the operator took the liner for a rocket.