OREANDA-NEWS Jaguar Land Rover, specifically its Russian office officially announced the start of sales of electricross I-Pace. The car, capable of developing up to 400 horsepower and 696 Nm of torque, costs from 6 100 000 rubles.

On December 20, 2018 officially start selling electric crossover Jaguar I-Pace in Russia. As reported today by the press service of the Russian division of the company. The initial price tag for the basic version is set at 6 107 000 rubles. Unfortunately, the company has not yet reported the number of pre-orders in Russia, as well as the estimated demand.

 For that amount, you get a fully electric crossover capable of developing up to 400 horsepower and nearly 700 Nm of torque, available from two electric motors. The twin-engine arrangement involves the installation of one motor on each axis, which provides a full intelligent all-wheel drive, with the ability to control the torque on each wheel.

 As a power source, the battery is used for 90 kW/hours, which provides up to 470 km of travel on a full charge. From the standard outlet will have to charge the car for a long time (the night is not enough), but using the fast charging system 80% of the battery capacity can be replenished in 40 minutes.

 Buyers are provided with a three-year warranty on the electric car when running up to 100 thousand kilometers. On a set of batteries warranty for eight years or 160 thousand kilometers.

Meanwhile, Jaguar Land Rover announced the readiness of a new product that should facilitate the use of its vehicles for people with disabilities. We are talking about the automatic opening of doors.