OREANDA-NEWSThe launching ceremony of trial deliveries of goods from Japan to European countries using the sea links and the Trans-Siberian Railway took place on Thursday in the port part of Yokohama, the Russian media reports from the scene. "This route is the most cost-effective and reduces the delivery of goods to 20-25 days", said Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Vladimir Tokarev.

He also stressed that the route "will strengthen economic relations between Russia and Japan, and will allow the parties to increase the volume of goods in transit through Russia from Japan to Europe". First Deputy General Director of Russian Railways OJSC (RZD) Alexander Misharin, who took part in the ceremony, stressed that Transsib is one of the best-equipped railways in the world. “Today Transsib is not only the safest, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient rail route, but also the fastest,” he added.

There have already been reports that a launch ceremony was held in the Japanese city of Yokohama for launching trial shipments of goods from Japan to Russia using the sea links and the Trans-Siberian Railway. "The Transport Ministry of Japan and Russian Railways have done a great job of creating and preparing this project".

A joint transit service for the accelerated delivery of goods from Japan to Europe through the Far East of Russia via the Trans-Siberian Railway will be provided by JSC RZD Logistics and the FESCO transport group. Delivery on the route of the port of Japan - Vladivostok Sea Trade Port - Transsib - Brest - the destination in Europe is from 19 days, while for transportation by sea through the Suez Canal - about 45 days. The arrival of the test container sent on Wednesday from the Japanese Yokohama to the Polish city of Wroclaw is expected in mid-June.