OREANDA-NEWS. The Russian company Laros is developing a new sports aircraft based on the Su-31.  The new car was named "Laros-31", company president Oleg Larinov said on Thursday.

 “The last Su-31 aircraft was released in 1997 - this is one of the problems why we addressed this issue.  The new aircraft is called “Laros-31” to maintain continuity.  It will be a sports car for the highest achievements in pilotage, for performances at the world championships, ”said Larinov.

 According to the president of the design bureau, sports aerobolide will be the best in its class and will help to win first places in the world aerobatics championships.

 The International Aviation and Space Salon in Zhukovsky will begin its work on August 26.  The first three days are traditionally given to specialists.  For everyone who regrets, MAX will open its doors next Friday.