OREANDA-NEWSThe light multi-purpose helicopter VRT500 can become unmanned, the head of Russian Helicopters Andrei Boginsky told the Russian media. "We already see directions for the future development and modernization of VRT500. There are two of them: the first is the ability to make it unmanned, and the second is electric propulsion, the use of a hybrid installation with a battery", he said.

“One of the possible steps is a hybrid installation with a battery. In our understanding, the addition of a battery in addition to the existing gas turbine engine will make the single-engine car safer. In case of engine failure, the battery lasts for 15 minutes of flight, during this time you can choose a platform and make a safe landing "The next step in the development of battery technology is, most likely, a complete transition to electric traction or the electric drive of the carrier system".

Boginsky also noted that the company intends to promote the helicopter in the markets of the Arab countries with the help of the Emirate holding Tawazun, which plans to buy a 50% stake in BP-Technology, which is part of the Russian Helicopters holding.