OREANDA-NEWS. In October last year, the British destroyer D35 Dragon was expelled from Russia's territorial waters near Crimea, near Cape Chersonese. The first deputy director of the Federal Security Service - head of the Border Guard Service, General of the Army Vladimir Kulishov told RIA Novosti about this operation by the FSB of Russia, the Navy and the country's Aerospace Forces.

"In response to demands to immediately leave the territorial sea of ​​Russia, the captain of the destroyer announced poor signal reception. As a result of joint actions with the Russian Navy and the Russian Aerospace Forces, the warship was expelled into neutral waters," said Kulishov.

Previously, this incident at sea was not officially reported. In December 2020, Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Alexander Fomin in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta said that the British ship passed through the water area of Russia near Cape Khersones.

Radio Sputnik is broadcasting an expert of the Association of Military Political Scientists, Associate Professor of the Department of Political Science and Sociology of the PRUE. Plekhanov Oleg Glazunov commented on the incident.

"Borders are violated in order to check our combat readiness. In addition, these ships that violate the water borders of our country, planes that are trying to invade our airspace - they also come with a reconnaissance purpose. They see how we will react, what forces will be This is a very alarming signal, so often our borders have not yet been violated. It was only during the Cold War, when we were "enemy number one" for the Western world. Now, in my opinion, there is a repetition of history. Again in huge numbers near military exercises are being conducted on our borders, and this is a direct allusion to the fact that not only a cold war, but also its hot phase is possible, "says Oleg Glazunov.