OREANDA-NEWS. Union Pacific, America's largest rail company, is thinking about changing its routes in the face of an unprecedented wave of theft from goods trains around Los Angeles, Bloomberg reports.

The company believes police are not effectively tackling criminals. Local courts treat such actions as misdemeanours and those caught are released after less than 24 hours, according to a letter addressed to the Los Angeles district attorney on behalf of the company. "Criminals boast to our security guards that there will be no serious consequences for them,"- Union Pacific stresses.

The number of railroad thefts in Los Angeles County has increased 160% over the year, with a particularly steep rise in the last three months, during the height of the holiday season. In October 2021, the number of thefts from Union Pacific trains was up 356% compared to October 2020.

"I couldn't even imagine this could happen, it's just unheard of,"- commented Union Pacific spokeswoman Lupe Valdes. - "The situation is insane. Customers are paying the price for these crimes, she stressed: "We, as consumers, are paying for all of this."

The number of stolen parcels is in the thousands, according to media reports.

So far, law enforcers have reacted modestly to the company's claims. "We take Union Pacific's concerns seriously and intend to discuss the situation in more detail in the near future,"- the Los Angeles district attorney's office responded to the claims.