OREANDA-NEWSChina may explore the possibility of acquiring the fifth-generation Su-57 multipurpose fighter from Russia after comparing its performance with its own production aircraft. This was reported on Tuesday by the Chinese state media. "According to experts, it’s too early to talk about whether to buy or not to buy. In the past, China’s arms market was a market for sellers, where the PRC didn’t have much room for maneuver and bought what was sold. Currently, few states may supply arms to China, but Chinese manufacturers have also strengthened, which has increased competition with foreign companies for a share in the Chinese market", the newspaper said.

"Experts believe that China can fundamentally change its procurement strategy and first organize test flights with the participation of Chinese aircraft of the same types to compare capabilities. And after a detailed evaluation, decide whether to purchase them or not. Such a procedure will be more scientific. In the end Finally, there is a certain difference between what is declared on paper and actual capabilities", the media said.

As the newspaper notes, "some characteristics of the Su-57 are criticized, which is especially true for its stealth". “At the same time, it’s undeniable that it will be very difficult for China to get individual technologies in the short term on its own. For example, the thrust-weight ratio and the rejected thrust vector of engines - at least these technologies have not reached maturity in China”, the newspaper writes.

Su-57 is a fifth-generation multipurpose complex designed to solve a wide range of combat missions during operations on air, ground and sea targets. It can be used around the clock, all-weather, in difficult jamming conditions.