OREANDA-NEWSThe Volkswagen Group Rus auto dealer (the Russian division of the Volkswagen concern) withdraws 1,323 thousand Audi A3 cars in Russia. This is stated in the message on the website of Rosstandart. The measure applies to machines sold in the period from 2016 to 2019. The Office has published a list of VIN-codes of cars subject to recall. The reason is the settings of the reversing lights, which turn on for five seconds after the engine is started.

In addition, the Audi A4 and Audi A5 cars, implemented in the period from 2017 to 2019, will be recalled. The Office reports that in some cases a pivoting tow hitch with a defective locking mechanism was installed. Rosstandard does not exclude that because of this, the device may fall. For owners of repair work will hold free of charge, said the department. In May, the Volkswagen Group Rus announced the recall of 486 Audi Q5 cars. The reason was the possible problems with the brake system.

Previously, Toyota Motor, which is the Russian dealer of the Japanese automaker Toyota, announced the recall of 420 cars of models LS 500 and LS 350 due to problems with tires. This is stated in the message Rosstandart. In particular, we are talking about incorrect assembly of tires and a wheel disc, and therefore a crack may occur in the reinforced sidewall of the tire. Such a malfunction during prolonged operation can cause detachment of the tread, which is fraught with loss of stability and the occurrence of an accident.

Car owners of these models should contact the nearest dealership, where the old tires will be replaced with new ones. All repairs will be carried out for free, added in Rosstandart. At the end of March, it became known that Renault recalls more than 19.2 thousand cars in Russia because of problems with the brakes.