OREANDA-NEWS State Duma Committee on Industry in Russia evaluated the initiative of prohibition the operation of "old" vehicles. Auto experts found out how many cars can be banned. 

We note that the recommendations of the Committee refer to vehicles that have reached the “service life limit”, but a specific date has not yet been determined

Considering only age categories, as of the beginning of 2019, 43.5 million cars were registered in Russia. Slightly more than 6% (2.65 million units) of this volume are over the age of 30 years, and about 15% - between the ages of 21 and 30 years old (6.4 million units). About 14% of cars (6 million units) are 16-20 years old and about a quarter of the total volume are younger cars (11-15 years, 10.3 million units). 

Thus, the remaining 42% of cars or 18.1 million units (in quantitative terms) are not older than 10 years.