OREANDA-NEWS. In Moscow, the network of city bicycle parking continues to expand, its main goal is to ensure the possibility of parking electric scooters at residential buildings. This was stated at the Moscow Kicksharing Congress by the head of the sharing projects of the Department of Transport Magomed Kolgaev. According to him, the Moscow model of electric scooter sharing provides for their attachment to the city's free bike parking.

“Initially, when the kicksharing project in Moscow started in 2018, the model of station placement of scooters seemed to be successful - similar to bike rental,“ said Kolgaev. “This model showed itself not from the best side, since it did not give an opportunity to solve the problem of the last mile. After studying international experience and assessing the risks, we chose a hybrid model - attaching scooters to city bike parking lots. Free placement is too risky - in many cities around the world, scooters end up in rivers, thrown off stairs, and so on”.

According to the official, in Moscow there is a limit of 40 thousand rental electric scooters per city. This park provided 7 million trips in 2021 (and in total since 2018 - about 10 million trips). Most of the trips have a transport function. Next year, the development of the network will continue - primarily through the construction of new bicycle parking lots, so that rental electric scooters could be installed directly near residential buildings.