OREANDA-NEWS. Already on November 20, a new "Magistral" is being launched in Moscow - this is a large-scale project that will completely change the operation of ground public transport. The numbering of buses will change, some of them will run more often, and some, on the contrary, will be taken out of the schedule.

Experts expect that all this will help optimize the route network: remove unclaimed transport and add flights on those streets where passengers especially need it. At the first stage, the changes will affect the Southern and Central districts of the capital.

"200 routes, which will receive updated routes tomorrow, are divided into three types: the first type is main routes, there will be about 40 of them. Their task is to walk in an interval of up to 10 minutes to operate on the busiest highways. The second type is regional routes, they they bring people to the metro or connect the two districts together, "said Alexei Mityaev, deputy head of the Moscow Transport Department, to the Vesti-Moscow program.

The third type of routes is social. Their numbers will be designated with the letter "C". They will take passengers to schools, clinics and other socially important facilities.

The website of the Department of Transport will collect suggestions and complaints from passengers about new route networks. In the future, the Magistral system will start operating throughout the city.