OREANDA-NEWS. On April 4 Sheremetyevo International Airport will introduce electronic boarding pass service to passengers. This was told by the CEO of the airport Mikhail Vasilenko.

Electronic boarding passes will be used at the airport along with papery ones. “We have tested everything beforehand,” Vasilenko assured. He expressed confidence that the electronic boarding will increase the capacity of the airport, as passengers will not have to stand in queues at check-in desks.

At present time, Sheremetyevo airport is not totally cancelling papery boarding passes. “Most of the passengers in Russia use air transport once or twice a year. They are more comfortable and more accustomed to using traditional ways. We are trying to introduce new modern services, but we have to see how they will work,” the CEO said.

According to Mikhail Vasilenko, the difference from the current system is that the passengers will not be bound to print the electronic boarding pass. They can just download a mobile app, so that airline officials can scan the barcode of the document from a mobile phone screen. For this, the airport is to be provided with special equipment, as well as work with electronic database of inspection.

The use of electronic boarding passes for air passengers in Russia was allowed in February 2018 after making changes to the laws. On February 24, the order of the Ministry of Transport, allowing the use of electronic boarding passes, has come into force. At the same time, it is possible using a coupon, which a passenger gets printed at the registration desk. During the self-check-in for the flight, a passenger is provided with an electronic boarding pass, and after that he can go to the sterile area of ​​the airport.