OREANDA-NEWS The project of the high-speed route along the Black Sea coast by summer can get access to budget funding. The new concept of the route Dzhubga – Sochi, which will be the most expensive highway in the country, Rosavtodor about a month ago presented to the Ministry of Transport. Now the justification for inclusion of road sections in the plan of development of the main infrastructure on the basis of which budget investments in this presidential term of Vladimir Putin will be distributed is being prepared.

The existing road from Dzhubga to Sochi is heavily overloaded, traffic jams stretch for kilometers, in many areas it is a two-lane serpentine. The movement is periodically suspended, only this year – at least twice. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Transport considered the construction of a new four – lane highway 119 km long impractical: the price is too high - 1.6 trillion rubles, and the project is technically complex. But the Minister of transport Yevgeny Dietrich promised to consider the inclusion of the road in the comprehensive plan, if the project  "will be in demand and not allocated at a price."

Rosavtodor has already found a way to reduce the estimate by more than 1.5 times – up to 1 trillion rubles, by reducing the length of 80.5 km.  Although the project documents are still referred to as the Dzhubga – Sochi, and now the Agency proposes to build a road to Sochi from Dzhubga and Tuapse. But to build it will be significantly longer than previously thought, up to 2037 the city is 2024-2025. "Setting a realistic time frame gives a chance for the project" – says the Federal official.

The section from Tuapse to Sochi is the most problematic: under the most favorable conditions, the road takes 2.5 hours, according to the materials of Rosavtodor, and in the summer – all 6 hours, as the load on the track increases to 27,200 cars per day with a capacity of 6,000 cars.

The project is actively discussed with the builders, and the General contractor is planned to make "Mostotrest" Arkady Rotenberg, say people involved in the discussion of the project, and contractors are already selected. "While this is the intention, there should be a competition," - says the Federal official. The representative of Rotenberg declined to comment.