OREANDA-NEWS. British security experts has made a rating of the cars to steal are the easiest. In their opinion, the experienced thief can steal them for 10 seconds.

It was headed by the DS 3 crossover Crossback. Experts of the British edition of What Car? it took 5 seconds to get in the car and the same again to start the engine and leave. A total of 10 seconds.

Roadster Audi TT RS, you can steal almost as much, but only if the Keyless entry system is active and the alarm is not disabled the key FOB. Usually, if the key for a long time idle, the regular system motion sensor deactivates it.

For the longest time the experts had to Tinker with the BMW X3 and Ford Fiesta. In order to hack into them, they spent all of 40 seconds for each instance. Another 20 seconds it took to hide them from the experiment.

For Mersedes Bens A - class had spent 30 seconds and the Land Rover Discovery is 20 seconds, but to go on it failed.

According to the study the expert What Car Steve Huntingford came to the conclusion that, putting Keyless entry, many car owners do not even think about security. Definitely useful, but to steal a car it is much easier than without it.