OREANDA-NEWS The space agency has begun testing new engines. In the framework of the OCSD program, CubeSat microsatellites will be equipped a steam installation that will allow them to perform maneuvers in orbit, New Altas writes with reference to a NASA message.

A steam engine has tons of benefits, scientists say. Water is not explosive at startup, as it does not contain volatile chemicals. It has a low molecular weight and is easy to vaporize. Three satellites will take part in the new NASA mission. After putting into low orbit, they will move at a distance of 6 meters from each other.

In space, they will maneuver and accelerate using water from their tanks. The technology is this: first the water is heated, then thrown out in small portions. In addition, scientists want to achieve synchronized movements of microsatellites. It is planned that the software itself will adjust the movement to avoid dangerous proximity.