OREANDA-NEWS. The newest power plant of the Russian submarine of the Lada project makes it so silent that it is almost impossible to notice the approach of the submarine. American publicist Caleb Larson writes about the advantages of the Russian submarine in an article for the National Interest magazine.

As the author of the material notes, the body of the "Lada" has a teardrop shape, due to which it has a high aerodynamic efficiency. This avoids turbulence and does not generate noticeable noise. A special contribution to the quietness of the submarine is made by a hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell, which generates electricity for the propellers.

It is reported that despite the presence of diesel generators, like other diesel-electric submarines, the Lada project generates electricity, among other things, through a chemical reaction. This makes it possible, in particular, to avoid "clanging" engine noise. New designs may be quieter than even some nuclear submarines, since the pump that distills coolant to cool the reactor is loud enough.

Today Russia is building two types of diesel-electric submarines - Project 636.3 Varshavyanka and 677 Lada. "Varshavyanka" was created on the basis of the Soviet project 877 "Halibut". The Black Sea Fleet has already received six of these ships, and by 2024 a series of six submarines should be delivered to the Pacific Fleet.

Earlier, the general director of the Admiralteyskie Verf shipyard, Alexander Buzakov, said that the first two serial diesel-electric submarines of the fourth generation of Project 677 Lada would be armed with Kalibr cruise missiles.