OREANDA-NEWS. The Spanish destroyer Méndez Núñez entered the Black Sea, according to the National Defense Command. It is reported that the foreign vessel is being watched by the Russian military.

According to RIA Novosti, another Spanish frigate, Cristobal Colon, entered the Black Sea water area on Friday.

Ships of NATO countries periodically run in the Black Sea. So, in January, two American destroyers, Porter and Donald Cook, appeared there, the alliance explained this by the "build-up of military power" of Russia. In response, Moscow held exercises that included naval combat.

Russia has repeatedly stated that the presence of military personnel from other regions in the water area does not contribute to stability.

The Montreux Convention, signed in 1936, limits the stay in the Black Sea of warships of non-Black Sea states for a period of three weeks. The convention also provides that up to nine such ships with a total tonnage of no more than 30 thousand tons can be simultaneously in the water area.

Yesterday it was reported that the Ukrainian Navy held exercises in the Black Sea together with the ships of the NATO permanent naval mine action group, the press service of the Navy reported on Tuesday. It is noted that the purpose of the training was to work out the interaction between the crews of the ships of the Ukrainian Navy with the Navy of Turkey, Romania and the Royal Spanish Navy.