OREANDA-NEWS. The Russian company KosmoKurs, which is developing a suborbital tourist system for space flights, plans to use its experience in organizing high-speed flights to remote regions of the world.

“We are currently developing a reusable suborbital space complex in which the rocket and the capsule with passengers do not go beyond the enclosed safety zone during the flight. This system can be used for flights from one point to another, but only for short distances. We have an idea for further development of the project… when the system will become much simpler, cheaper, and flight safety will be equal to the safety of flight on an airplane. After that, the system can be certified for flights over populated areas,” the CEO of KosmoKurs Pavel Pushkin said. “…A passenger would go from Moscow to Vladivostok one in 30 minutes,” he added.

According to preliminary estimates, the active development of a new mode of transport will begin in 2023, after the company starts testing of the current version of the suborbital tourist system.

“Our project is so unusual and new that people may have internal psychological resistance, so we will first demonstrate the technology on the suborbital tourist system,” Pushkin noted.

According to him, the safety of the new system is planned to be brought to such a level that, even if an accident occur, the system will ensure safe landing of passengers.

The ticket price, as the top manager explained, has not yet been calculated, but it can be comparable with flying on a business jet or in the business class of regular aviation.