OREANDA-NEWSMaersk and the freight forwarding company Module launched a new international container transit service from Asia to Europe via the Global Ports group sea terminals in the Baltic and the Far East, follows from a joint message from the companies.

Containers with electronics and components from Korea and Japan were delivered by Maersk to the berths of the Eastern Stevedoring Company (part of Global Ports) by sea on the SCIO SKY vessel, reloaded at the terminal and, as part of an expedited container train, were sent to the Petrolesport terminal on the Trans-Siberian highways. The delivery time from the point of departure to the final point was nine days. The train arrived at the terminal on August 4, after which the party was transported by Maersk ships to Gdansk.

The first consignment of cargo within the framework of the new service was delivered from Asia to EU ports on August 7. The total transit time was 18 days, which is twice as fast as with traditional transportation through the Suez Canal, the report says.

The project was implemented as part of the development of accelerated delivery of transit goods through the territory of the Russian Federation. Maersk organizes end-to-end transportation between Asia and Europe, Global Ports terminals - transshipment in Russian ports, the freight forwarding company "Module" provides railway delivery and customs clearance of goods.

The new service will be included in the standard Maersk global network under the code "Asia-Europe-19" (AE-19) and will be available to customers throughout the world. Maersk is the largest international container shipping integrator. Maersk was founded in 1904 and operates in 135 countries. The company's fleet is 716 ships with a total capacity of 4 million TEUs. Maersk transports over 16 million TEUs annually.