OREANDA-NEWS  Nissan is withdrawing more than 4.4 thousand cars of the Nissan Pathfinder model in Russia due to possible problems with brake lights. This information is reported on the Rosstandart website.

4448 Nissan Pathfinder vehicles manufactured between August 4, 2014 and December 23, 2016 are subject to recall.

Experts have found that over time, the brake light relay can close in the ON position due to vibrations that occur under certain driving conditions. If the relay closes in the ON position, the brake lights may continue to illuminate when the brakes are not applied, leaving only limited engine power available to the driver of the vehicle.

On all vehicles falling under the campaign, the brake light relay will be replaced with a new sample, and the state of the brake light switches and the position of the brake pedal will be checked and, if necessary, adjusted.