OREANDA-NEWS. The board of directors of Virgin Hyperloop One, which is developing a high-speed vacuum transport project, left the representatives of its Russian investors - from the Caspian Venture Capital fund (founder - businessman Ziyavudin Magomedov, arrested in March 2018 on suspicion of creating a criminal community) and from the Russian Direct Fund investments (RDIF). This follows from the data on the Virgin Hyperloop One website and company materials sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Magomedov himself served on Virgin Hyperloop One’s board of directors since October 2016, and left it two months after his arrest in May 2018. But even after this, Caspian Venture remained an investor and had a representative on the board, then the representative of the fund explained to the Russian media. The place in it was saved by the director of Caspian VC Bill Shore.

The idea of a vacuum high-speed train belongs to billionaire Ilon Mask. He didn't implement it, but laid out open access calculations for creating a transport system consisting of steel pipes, inside which a train in the form of a sealed capsule on an aerodynamic pillow could move at a speed of 1200 km/h - so the train could cover the distance from San Francisco to Los Angeles (about 600 km) in 30 minutes.