OREANDA-NEWSThe crew of the Boeing 737 airline of Nordwind, which flew from Sheremetyevo to Yerevan, evacuated the passengers because of the odor on board the aircraft. This is stated on Friday in the message on the official website of the carrier. "At 00:45 Moscow time, flight N4-477 SVO-EVN B738 (VPBSZ) during the takeoff in the passenger compartment there was a strange smell. The crew stopped taking off and after the release of the runway and turning off the engines, organized the evacuation of passengers (162 adults, 11 children) along the emergency inflatable ramps", the airline said.

All passengers were accommodated in the airport building, they were provided with food and soft drinks. The baggage was unloaded from the aircraft and reloaded onto the reserve board.

As it was clarified at Sheremetyevo, the flight N4477 of the Nordwind Moscow-Yerevan airline began its departure at around 01:00, however, during the run-up runway, inside the cabin there was smoke. The aircraft commander reported to the ground services about the emergency situation and decided to abort the takeoff. There was no fire on board, the passengers were evacuated by inflatable ramps, they are checking in Sheremetyevo.

According to the air harbor, there were 173 passengers and six crew members aboard the Boeing 737-800 aircraft. One passenger was hospitalized after the incident, according to the airport. Meanwhile, according to the data of the Emergency Situations Ministry in the Moscow Region, there were 187 people on board, of whom eight were injured and two were hospitalized. The message about the smoke in the cockpit arrived to the rescuers at 01:03 Moscow time. The spokesman of the emergency services who arrived at the scene did not detect any fire or smoke.