OREANDA-NEWS. The nuclear-powered submarine (AIC) Kazan of the improved Yasen-M project has been accepted into the Russian Navy, as the Defense Ministry reports. The solemn ceremony of handing over the boat to the fleet took place at Sevmash in Severodvinsk.

The Ministry of Defense said that the Andreevsky naval flag was raised on the submarine's flagpole, which the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov, handed to the commander of the Kazan agro-industrial complex, Captain First Rank Alexander Beketov.

The project of the agro-industrial complex "Kazan" was developed in the design bureau "Malakhit". The submarine will be able to carry out tasks in all areas of the oceans.

“I am sure that the crew of the Kazan nuclear submarine will strengthen Russia's defense capability with dignity and high quality,” Evmenov said.

The Kazan agro-industrial complex was subject to transfer to the Russian Navy in 2019, but the tests of the improved Yasen project dragged on, and the transfer of the boat to the fleet was postponed to 2021.

In 2021, another submarine of the Yasen-M project, Novosibirsk, is to enter the Russian Navy.

On the stocks of "Sevmash" there are nuclear submarines "Krasnoyarsk", "Arkhangelsk", "Perm", "Ulyanovsk", "Vladivostok" and "Voronezh". The last submarine will be transferred to the fleet in 2027-2028.