OREANDA-NEWS. The Times of India newspaper reported that Pakistan opened its airspace to civilian aircraft after several months of restrictions due to a conflict with India. Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority’s official website published a notice for pilots which states that all prohibitions are immediately annulled.

Pakistan closed civil aviation flights in February after the Indian Air Force attacked a militant group on Pakistan territory. Then, Pakistan planes violated Indian airspace near Poonch and Nowshera in Jammu and Kashmir Indian states, which are the subject of the territorial dispute between New Delhi and Islamabad. The authorities of both countries have reported about shot down enemy aircrafts. According to the information of India, Pakistan shot down the Indian Mig-21, while the Indian Air Force shot down the Pakistan F-16 fighter. Pakistan claimed it had shot down two Indian aircrafts, and its F-16 was not damaged. Then, Pakistan fired several settlements on the Indian border.

Due to the conflict, the aviation authorities of India and Pakistan announced the closure of the sky over the border areas. In addition, Pakistan has suspended domestic and international flights to the airports of Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, and Sialkot. The prohibition became a surprise to carrier companies which were forced to change their flight routes, and it influenced the duration of flights to the countries of Southeast Asia, as well as the costs of tours.