OREANDA-NEWSAt the airport of the city of Nizhneangarsk, in the north of Buryatia, an An-24 passenger plane made an emergency landing. About this with reference to the press secretary of the head of the republic Alexei Fishev writes the Russian media. The airliner, according to a report on the website of the local head office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, rolled out of the runway and caught fire.

As a result of the incident, according to preliminary data, two people were killed. Both of them, said the police, were members of the crew. The number of victims of the disaster is specified. By 6:30 Moscow time, seven people asked for medical care, told the department. Later, the head of Buryatia, Alexei Tsydenov, stated that the number of injured had increased to 14.

The accident, according to representatives of the ministry, occurred at about 10:20 local time (5:20 Moscow time). On board the aircraft at the time of the incident were 47 people. The liner followed the route Ulan-Ude - Nizhneangarsk - Irkutsk. They didn't tell about the causes of the incident in the republican headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“After taking off the An-24, one of the engines failed in the air”, Fishev said. The crew decided to return to the airport. When landing, the aircraft, according to his data, left the runway at 100 meters. At the moment, firefighters, doctors and rescuers are working at the scene. The situation is under control at the head of Buryatia Alexei Tsydenov, said his spokesman. The head of Nizhneangarska, Elena Kaurtseva, arrived at the scene of the accident, writes the information agency.

In the image of the liner is located near a small building. According to the representative of the head of the republic, before stopping, the plane crashed into a sewage treatment plant and caught fire.