OREANDA-NEWS Porsche CEO Oliver Blum said that the company will stop producing cars on diesel engines. He told about it in interview to the newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

"In the future, Porsche will not have diesel fuel. We have never developed or produced diesel engines ourselves. The diesel crisis has caused us many problems," he said.

 Earlier, Blum said that the image of Porsche suffered in connection with the diesel scandal.

Blum said that the company will focus on the production of gasoline engines, hybrids, and since 2019 — on electric vehicles. The German company will start its own production of electric power plants next year.

Porsche is a German car manufacturer founded by renowned designer Ferdinand Porsche in 1931. The headquarters and main plant is located in Stuttgart, Germany. The main shareholder of the company is the Porsche family. Porsche is the most profitable car company in the world.

In 2014 the US authorities are investigating in relation to the Volkswagen. In September 2015, the US Environmental Protection Agency said that the software of this brand of cars with diesel engines allows you to bypass the check of the level of emission of harmful substances. US authorities have obliged the company to recall almost 500 thousand cars Volkswagen and Audi. The scandal also affected Porsche cars. The Munich Prosecutor's office is investigating Audi.

At the end of July 2017, the Minister of transport of Germany Alexander Dobrindt said that illegal software, which hides the real indications of harmful emissions, found in cars Porsche AG (part of the Volkswagen group). The Ministry of transport obliged the company to withdraw 22 thousand cars of the Saueppe model, and also withdrew their certification.As a result, the brand suffered financial losses, and also received a significant blow to the reputation.

According to the company, diesel engines accounted for only 12% of all produced cars. Moreover, since February of this year in the line of Porsche was not a models of diesel car.