OREANDA-NEWS Specialists of the sports division Porsche told about their new product. Racing coupe 911 RSR of 2019 model year was 95% new. So, from the sportcar presented last year, the model received a braking system, a clutch, suspension elements, as well as headlights and a driver's seat. 

The model is set in motion by the former 4.2-liter 6-cylinder “aspirated”, which has undergone some updates. As a result, the engine power is 515 horsepower and is fed to the rear wheels through an optimized 6-speed gearbox. In this case, the dynamic indicators of the model are not reported. 

In addition, two exhaust pipes are now located in the sides of the sports car, and a more efficient diffuser was installed. Moreover, experts note that due to changes improved downforce performance and durability of tires. The new Porsche 911 RSR will be released on the track at the first stage of the new WEC season at Silverstone, which will be held on September 1.