OREANDA-NEWS. Taking into account the launch of the BelNPP, Belarus received a large amount of electricity, due to the lack of its own oil reserves, it is necessary to increase the share of electric vehicles and the number of charges for them, said President of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko, BELTA informs.

He noted that about a year ago, benefits were introduced in the country for those who want to change to electric cars. "Now there is a need to introduce additional incentives," Lukashenko noted. He called it "an absolute must." Lukashenko wants the infrastructure of charging stations to develop as well. Only ten percent of gas stations in the country provide such a service, he said.

To stimulate the transition to environmentally friendly transport, Belarus has abolished the import duty on the import of electric vehicles and zeroed the VAT rate. Also, until 2025, owners of electric vehicles are exempted from paying for parking in communal property. Earlier, Lukashenko said that an electric car of Belarusian production could appear before 2025.

He also called the transition to electric vehicles one of the main tasks of the future five-year plan. "We just shouldn't be left behind here. If we lag behind, it will be bad. Therefore, it is difficult, difficult, but we will have to run and at least not lag behind in any way," he said.