OREANDA-NEWS. Romania is in favor of increasing the number of US troops and the coalition to "contain" Russia in the Black Sea region, said Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu.

In May, US President Joe Biden, at a summit with NATO allies in Eastern Europe, supported "strengthening deterrence" on the European continent.

"There are NATO structures on our territory, some command and control units, bilateral and multilateral military exercises are being conducted, but we need more allied presence, including the US presence on the ground," Aurescu said in an interview with the American Washington Examiner. The portal spoke with the country's Foreign Minister and Defense Minister Nicolae Chuke during the large-scale NATO exercise Defender Europe.

Aurescu noted that the NATO multinational brigade is stationed in the Romanian city of Craiova, but so far only Poland is "present on the ground."

“We need more allies in constant rotation, I mean this term 'stable and constant rotation' ... Much has been done in the issue of the presence of allies on land, at sea and in the air. I think we need more military to effectively contain Russia in the region, "added the Romanian Foreign Minister.

Romanian Defense Minister Nicolae Chuke, in turn, expressed the hope that there is an opportunity to "deploy as many American troops as possible" in the country.

"We very much support the rotational presence of US troops in our country. We discussed this issue with the US Command in Europe, the US Secretary of Defense, I hope that we will hold bilateral discussions with the new US Secretary of Defense as soon as possible to clarify the details," Chuke told the portal.