OREANDA-NEWSThe entire budget of Roscosmos for civilian programs in 2020 is slightly more than the 12% NASA budget increase planned for 2021. This was reported to the Russian media in the press service of the state corporation.

"The budget of Roscosmos state corporation in the open part for 2020 is 176 billion rubles. This amount is slightly more than 12%, which is planned to be added to the budget of the American space agency in 2021", the press service said.

According to the published draft US federal budget, the US administration is asking Congress for $ 25.2 billion for NASA's operations in fiscal year 2021. Thus, the document says, the budget of the agency will increase by 12% compared to the current financial year (ends in the United States on September 30).

The current NASA budget, taking into account an increase of $ 1.6 billion made by the United States Administration in May 2019, is about $ 22.6 billion. Thus, in 2021, funding for the US space agency will increase by approximately $ 2.6 billion, or 166 billion rubles. Roscosmos enterprises in addition to civilian products carry out various orders in the interests of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. At the same time, NASA works only on civilian topics.