OREANDA-NEWS. Tests of the newest system of automatic monitoring of the surface, developed by the Russian Scientific and Research Institute for Long-Distance Radio Communications, began in the Black Sea. This was announced on December 17 by its press service.

Institute representatives noted that the new tracking complex was given the working name Strategy. According to them, the system uses “satellite and ground-based automatic information systems, data from various radar stations, internal channels for transmitting object information of the fleet.” The complex has the ability to bilaterally interact with the technical means and systems from which it receives information. In addition, Strategy receives data from over-the-horizon radars capable of detecting surface targets at ranges of several hundred kilometers. The system can also analyze and evaluate abnormal changes in the environment.

It is noted that Strategy automatically processes information about the ownership of ships that have entered the Black Sea, determines their parameters, and records the approach of vessels to borders or prohibited areas.