OREANDA-NEWS. The General Director of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (UAC) Alexei Rakhmanov revealed to Zvezda the possible ships that Russia will build in 2050-2070.

According to the manager, “the ship of the future is an environmentally friendly, intelligent and adaptable machine. It is made using new materials and has a bionic design. "

According to Alexei Rakhmanov, "hybrid or electric power plants with reduced fuel consumption or using ecological types of fuel: liquefied natural gas, hydrogen or wind will increasingly be used as engines for such ships."

According to the general director of the UAC, "the spread of unmanned vessels" will lead, in particular, to the disappearance of "our usual superstructures", and the use of big data will become widespread in ship navigation systems.

Rakhmanov believes that expensive test benches will also disappear. All stages of the life cycle of marine technology will be based on virtual modeling systems, 3D design and optimization tools.

In addition, Rakhmanov also mentioned 3D printing technology - it should significantly affect the design, modeling and creation of ships and ships - from a small tug to a huge aircraft carrier.