OREANDA-NEWS. The development of the project of a new vessel degaussing designated one of the design office, members of the JSC "United shipbuilding Corporation" (USC). Work began in 2019, according to Mil. FlotProm Press, citing its own sources in the USC and the Krylov state research centre.

Degaussing of a ship called the process that decreases the magnetization of its body. On the hull of the ship is exposed to a magnetic field created by electric current passing through the cable. Such a cable is either wound around the body of the ship, or encircle its perimeter.

Now the Russian Navy has several ships degaussing project 1799 "Globus", adopted in 1980-m to year. Their length is 64.5 m, width — 11,7 m. the Displacement of the ships is 1.1 thousand tons and a maximum speed of 13 knots.

Such ships can engage in the demagnetization of ships of up to 7 thousand tons or wrapping degaussing of ships with displacement of up to 15 tons.